Saturday, August 9, 2008

Summer.....The End

We went to my mom's cousin, Lynn's, for July 4th. We always have a fun afternoon there. The kids swim, then we cookout. This year we had a lighter crowd, but still had just as much fun. After Lynn's, we went home for awhile, then headed to the fireworks in Peachtree City. We pulled into the shopping center they have there and got a great space. Some of our neighbors happened to pull in a little while later and saw us, so they parked behind us. I got a picture of the kids with their sparklers. Sorry it's not a better picture. I took it with my camera phone.

Scott took 1/2 day for us to go to Callaway Gardens on July 18th. We had a blast, riding bikes, going to the butterfly center, then going to the beach. I would love to go back in the fall when it's not as HOT and ride bikes again. We went when the weather was in the 90's.......I look forward to going back in the fall, when it's not so hot. After CG, we went to see my mom. She had a pinched nerve in her neck and had to have an epidural. She had to have this done several years ago, too. It is a little painful at first, but helps in the long run.

July 18th is also my dad's birthday. He would have been 58 this year. I am so excited that I will see him in heaven one day!!

Isn't she gorgeous!! Look at my handsome boy!!!

Our last official trip was to Stone Mountain. We are with the Statzers and Nadreaus again. Kim, Lisa and I are all teachers, so it was easy to plan things to do with them. We had a fun summer. Hopefully, we'll make plans next year too!! Anyways, we went at 4. It's a great time to go. First of all, you get a discount and second, it's not quite as hot. I started posting pictures, then realized that there were way to many, so i will make a slide show and post it later.

We went into the barn first. It's like a foam factory. The kids pick up balls, then go upstairs and shoot them. They had a blast. Then we went to the bucket ride and rode to the top of the mountain. Being on top of the mountain reminds me of how awesome God is to make such a beautiful creation. Psalms 36:6 says that his righteousness is like a great mountain. How awesome is that!!

We went on the new Sky Hike, which was so cool. Sarah and Jack had to go on the mini hike, but got to climb the rock wall. Sarah amazes me.......she beat everyone to the top the first time she tried.

The kids had fun listening to the music and waiting for the laser show. They danced, ran around, then settled down and played UNO. They were all so good!! My favorite part of the evening was singing "I Will Always Love You" at the top of my lungs with Lisa. I'm sure everyone around us thought we were crazy, but it was fun!!How awesome!! They are looking at Atlanta, where there daddies work. Speaking of....all the daddies joined us for the laser show after a hard day at work. I have lots of good pictures, so I'll make a slideshow in the next few days.

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