Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sarah and Jack

I wanted to do a post about Jack and Sarah. Jack's mom, Kim, did one. Here is hers, then I am going to add to it:

The funniest thing is that whenever we take a group picture, Jack and Sarah get together like they are the only ones in it. When they were at the daycare together, they were constantly getting in trouble for hitting or kissing each other. Sarah tells us constantly that Jack is her boyfriend and that they are getting married. She recently told me that they were getting married in the fall and she showed me the shoes she was going to wear. She also asked me once if her and Jack were married yet. My mom told me last night that she was concerned when Sarah said "Jack has kissed me all over". My mom said "where has he kissed you?" She said my cheek, my head and my lips". Anyways, here are some more picture:

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Kim said...

They are so cute, but we do have to figure out some way to get them to stop kissing each other!